Our Business

Established in year 2000, ATG Watch has grown rapidly over the years to emerge as one of Asia’s leading specialist luxury watch importer and distributor. ATG Watch is the sole importer and distributor of EPOS and Titoni watches.

The continuous success of the company is based on its astute business strategies: Brand Equity Management; Merchandising Management and Lifetime After-sales Services. One of the key to success for ATG Watch is attributed to its continuous effort in establishing and maintaining brand equity. By creating intangible and imperishable values to its watch brands, ATG Watch has thrived when EPOS and Titoni flourished into becoming watch brands which are highly sought after by the watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

ATG Watch prides itself for its proven merchandising strategy. Its ability to identify and invest in the right mix of brands and products has paid off handsomely. In particular, the company’s focus on the fine mechanical watch segment has proven to be very successful.

The company’s innovative approach is reflected in the excellent Lifetime After-sales Services. ATG Watch understands that each timepiece possesses a special meaning that is much appreciated by its owner, thus long-termed servicing for watches is of utmost importance. ATG Watch commits itself to providing exceptional quality assurance to the watch owners.